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  • Member: Shitza
  • Title: Warrior of Darkness Kouichi
  • Premiered: 2006-01-18
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    • Kamiya Hiroshi In the blue
    • Suzumura Kenichi Oreta Tsubasa de
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  • Comments: This is my first AMV, so please don't be too criticak when you watch this. It is made in Kouichi's life in the Digital world, with some flashes between his and Kouji's first meeting and the start of the relationship. I also choose to use Oreta tsubasa de as it is a beautiful song, and it seems to fit with him.

    The first shots bases upon confusion and bewilderment. And if you don't understand how I thought putting it into place, it was just to have this feeling of, "what in the world is going on" which I think was one of the way they felt. Some of the first shots has lots of Kouji as well.

    The next part shows when Kouji questioned Kouichi about their mother, and who he was. Not much for me to add, except that the lyrics seen on top of one of the shots, comes from this song, all though is clearly misplaced.

    I added some of the cpitures of the fight between Duskmon and beowulfmon, because it is a lot in this where the two brothers meet face to face and Kouji realises who the guy is. Same goes for the scan of the dark spirits. Sorry some of the sequences may be long and boring.

    I also used may shots taken from episode 36, where Kouichi thought Icedevimon. It was an episode I think brought up more about their brother relationship and the cute part that even though they have known each other, for a few days at the most. And the way Kouichi defended Kouji... Even though many times odds seems to be against them.

    Then... some sentimental flashbacks... sorry, but more like memories of his life in the real world. It didn't make it into somthing too much hopefully. It continues in a heart shape when Kouichi is alone on the train. I have a feeling that will appear once at least in my fics, symbolises how we love the series.

    Last and not least, the sacrifice. The shots are from the Japanese Original Version, with translation. It follows with the real episode, and some of that.

    Hope you'll enjoy and that I haven't completely bored you to death.


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