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  • Member: Id
  • Studio: grey seal
  • Title: incarnation
  • Premiered: 2002-05-19
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  • Song:
    • on thorns i lay eden
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    "you cannot walk away from love
    no this is not a love story
    but it is a story about love
    and the power it has over life
    the power to heal or destroy
    and this is where the story begins
    and there in his arms she became someone else
    someone more like herself
    no this is not a love story
    but it is a story about love
    about those who give in to it
    and the price they pay
    and those who run away from it
    because they are afraid
    or because they do not believe they are worthy of it
    he gave in
    she run away
    but you cannot walk away from love"

    you were all alone
    lost in yourself
    but i could see you
    i could see you giving up on life
    i could see you letting go of your dreams

    i never thought you could hurt me
    i never thought anyone could
    but you did
    and i forgave you when you couldn't forgive yourself

    cause you took my hand...remember ?
    back in the very beginning...
    you taught me how to feel
    and made me believe in love again
    you took my hand and made me touch my dreams

    and suddenly my whole world went dim and fell apart
    and there was only you
    you were there...protecting me when i was in pain
    you hugged me when it mattered the most
    and just like that
    you brought color back into my life

    since then it is always just you
    you took up all the space in my heart

    i saw you suffering
    and i gave you hope
    and as i stare at your eyes
    i saw us together
    as i saw you suffering
    i just wanted to make your everything all right
    as i saw you hurting your self
    i screamed in pain
    cause i felt it as much as you did

    you made me be a different man
    you made me be my self
    you completed me
    and just like that
    i let it all out...
    i finally let my feelings out
    killing people that doubted me
    killing past loves...
    i just screamed that i loved you
    and suddenly it was just us

    you thought i never would
    but i forgave you
    i took your hand
    and run towards our dream
    and i was there every time you fell
    hugging you...holding on to us

    remember when i asked you to jump ?
    when you took that leap forward i wasn't just waiting to catch you
    i dived with you...holding you and never looking back

    when you lost hope
    i kept running towards you
    and for the first time you made me cry
    but i wiped my tears and didn't lose hope
    in just one night you turned into a stranger
    you tried to bury yourself again
    but i kept digging...
    and i knew that i was still in your mind
    forever haunting your soul
    and i was determined to open my wings and fly towards you
    alive or dead , one way or the other

    somehow i knew we'd be together
    i knew you could never lie to me
    there was always just us
    and all the rest of the world could do was stand and watch

    ...destined to be in each others arms...
    somehow i knew you'd take my hand
    and never let go
    somehow i knew you never did

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