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  • Member: E-Ko
  • Studio: Manic Expressions
  • Title: DDR Project 2nd Mix Track 27: Little Bitch
  • Premiered: 2002-08-26
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    • The Specials (as featured on the Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix Non-stop Megamix) Little Bitch
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  • Comments: Please note that this video premiered at Anime Weekend Atlanta 8 as part of the Dance Dance Revolution Nonstop Mega Mix Music Video 2. This project is a collaboration. Many creators contributed to it. More info can be found here:

    The original title of this video was "Pud wackers". However, I decided to change it after learning the definition of pud wacker. The following definition came from the college slang site

    pud wacker (n) A dislikeable person; a jerk. (Literally, a masturbating male.) Joe is such a pud wacker!I [Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH, 1999]

    I copied and pasted this definition. I didn't write any of it. Therefore, if any Joe's are reading this, I'm not referring to you. That's what the college slang dictionary says.

    The next title I considered was "little Beyatches." I found a definition for beyatch at I'm not going to copy and past it here. If you want to read it, go to the url. Figuratively, this title almost works. However, the video is borderline-offensive enough without a title which'll just have to look up the definition and see for yourself. Please understand that I did not write this definition. If any Leshaun's read it, I'm not referring to you. That's what the urban slang dictionary says.

    Why call it Emma? It was only meant to be a temporary title, a placeholder while I thought of a more suitable title. Unfortunately, I'm finding that I'm not allowed to edit the title of a video after a "Date Premiered" has been entered.

    Though listed as Ping Pong Club and nonanime, the video contains Ping Pong Club footage in about 95 percent of the frames.

    Some additional source credits:

    Video footage from Beavis and Butt-head
    A picture of an elephant from Encarta Encyclopedia 2000
    Maps from Encarta Encyclopedia 2000 and online travel agencies.
    Fairy wings from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
    I forget where the picture of Queen Elizabeth the first came from. Maybe Encarta. Color pictures
    can be found here: The picture I used looks a lot
    like except the one I used was back and white.
    I'm having some trouble remembering where I grabbed the pictures of London landmarks. My
    efforts to track them down have been fruitless - though I did manage to find scores of pictures
    which look better than the ones I used.
    I can't find the site where I borrowed pictures of kitsch items from, either. Most of them, if not all,
    came from an online store. I can't find it anymore. I've conducted a variety of online searches.
    Nadda. Zip. It appears the store has dissappeared. Looking to buy a miniature guy to lounge in
    your salsa? I'm afraid I can't help you.
    Mike Tyson photographs. These were easy to track down. Some of them came from!site/index.htm. The rest came from
    I'm taking better care to write down and save my references.

    Biggest challenge I had creating the video? Overall structure. I'm thick headed, so I generally have a difficult time incorporating an overall structure into my videos. This video was especially difficult. I hope that observant viewers will be able to watch the video, think about it, and make some sense of it rather than dismissing it as a work of complete randomness.

    The lyrics aren't perfectly suited for Ping Pong Club, at least not the episodes I had to work with. As such, I used a mixture of literal and figurative interpretations. This will likely jar the viewer and lead to considerable confusion. The following lyric was particularly troublesome:

    And when it rains you wear your hat, and your plum coloured PVC wet look maxi-mac

    My guess is that "plum coloured PVC wet look maxi-mac" refers to rain gear. I'm tempted to read it as "plum colored PVC wet, look, maxi-mac." It doesn't sound as though the singer enuncuates it as such. Perhaps British folk are more familiar with this terminology.

    The lyrics referring to suicide were also difficult to work with:

    And you think it's about time that you died, and I agree, so you decide on suicide

    How does one handle lyrics like these in a sensitive manner? I tiptoed around it the best I could. In all seriousness, it is my sincere hope that this video does not lead one to commit suicide. If you're feeling suicidal, I encourage you to seek help. Perphaps the following url's will offer some help:

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