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  • Member: -kari-
  • Studio: -|Next Twilight Studios|-
  • Title: FullMetal Code
  • Premiered: 2006-01-15
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    • Hanz Zimmer Da Vinci Code Trailer
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  • Comments: NOTE: Though I don't show the ending of the movie, I put this under spoilers anyway mainly because the whole movie can be considered a big spoiler for any fullmetal fans. But don't worry about it spoiling the (heartwarming!) ending of the movie. The following description may also contain some spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie, out.

    So it's been a few years since I posted a video here. For whatever reason I couldn't edit my account information where I'm saying (for about a year now) that I'm going to post some Ah! My Goddess video. Obviously that hasn't happened. Since my last video here, I've scrapped 6 videos-each one I've come close to finishing, but stopped production because I wasn't satisfied with how it was coming along. That's my nitpickyness showing through.

    I've been wanting to edit a movie trailer for a while now, and when I saw FullMetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala, I decided I wanted to use that footage for a trailer. I toyed with the idea of using the Pearl Harbor trailer, but Jeremy suggested a more recent movie. A few internet searches turned up a teaser and trailer for the Da Vinci Code. I chose the trailer over the teaser because it had characters talking, as opposed to the omniscient narrator of the teaser (I wanted to show some character interaction and play with syncing multiple characters instead of just one). After experiencing the terrors of trying to convert quicktime to .avi, I finally had a working, crisp-quality sound file for the video. Fun stuff. Then I nabbed the movie from eBay, ripped it and started all this madness in the same morning.

    About the Video
    I tried to keep things as close to the original trailer as possible. One main theme in this was simplicity-I avoided using over-the-top effects in favor of a more simple and flowing video (though I realize effects could have helped in making it flow better). Starting at the beginning:
    -Chanting. Only one scene in the movie would really make sense here; where Eckheart is chanting to create the runes on Envy. Ignore that it is a woman with a man's voice -.-;;
    -Talking. I originally had wanted to incorporate Alphonse (any of the two in the movie), but the only real talking scene that conveyed the emotions I was looking for was in the conversation between Ed and Mabuze (King Bradley, Fritz Langue, or what you will). So no Al for now. I worked him in little by little later on, but didn't use him for any of the dialogue.
    "It would devastate the very foundations of mankind." I realized later that Ed is holding a picture that, chronologically in the video, hasn't been shown to him yet (you'll see it later).
    "I'm in something here I can't understand." I felt the scene where Ed finds the transmutation circle most fitting for this, as he doesn't understand why it's there, and it shouldn't work, etc. Some lipsyncing, a bit more rough than I would have wanted, but there were only 2 frames to work with (open mouth and closed mouth) and no in-between frames.
    "...biggest coverup in human history." Mona Lisa gets some screentime here. In the movie Mabuze is holding up a picture of a group of scientists (with the deadly uranium bomb). The Mona Lisa was overlayed over the course of 5 frames, done with help from photoshop.
    -Random scenes while running. Trying to emulate the actual trailer here, but with more cuts than in the original trailer. I really like the peaceful singing gypsy from the beginning of the movie interspersed with the more violent or action-packed scenes later on. When I earlier heard the trailer I imagined Wrath punching the ground for the next scene, and it stayed.
    -More random scenes. I wanted to get Noa in the video somewhere, and the lull in the music provided a gap for her. The other scenes are more flowing and dynamic, like the cut on Ed's face, Wrath getting thrown in the air...and then I interrupted it with a classic Roy moment. Mmm, Roy.
    The closing credits come straight from the original trailer (except my own at the very end). The fade effect to the letters was a custom-made gradient wipe done through premiere.

    Closing Notes
    Ironically, I had been working on other videos for months and ended up trashing the projects, while I started and completed this video over the course of a single day (literally starting close to noon on Saturday after watching and ripping the movie, and posting the video on the next day around noon). I think this was mostly due to the short length of the music and the wonderful footage I had to work with. -3-


    Awards: "Best in Show" at AnimeDetour 2006, "Best Trailer" at Kumoricon 2006

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