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  • Member: jingoro
  • Studio: Kimagure Orange Julius
  • Title: In My Heart
  • Premiered: 1993-01-01
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  • Song:
    • One 2 Many In My Heart
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  • Comments: This is by far my most popular video. Nothing like a little violence to play to the lowest common denominator. I must admit I like it too. This was my first video in Orlando, FL with JACO.

    John Stepp is a major die-hard Five Star Stories fan, and he showed me the movie, which I happen to love. It makes far more sense with an expert filling in some of the background for you, so I encourage you to look JACO and John up if you're ever in Orlando and have him tell you what's going on behind the scenes.

    So anyway, I wanted to make a video to it, and I did... I used Enya's Storms in Africa. I showed him the finished video and he hated it. Called it one big spoiler. I was so disapointed, but he brought me three CDs with songs he thought might work.

    First time I heard In My Heart by One 2 Many, the whole video flashed before my eyes. This took almost no planning and came together in an afternoon. I took it to the next JACO meeting and got a rave reception.

    The original video was done on a flying erase head VCR, played back into a second VCR with a CD Player hooked to the audio inputs. Ah! The good old days! The master copy of this was destroyed in a tornado, and very few other copies are known to exist. Thankfully one was found in the archives of Atlanta's Anime X, and I recently used this, and a SVHS copy of the same Japanese LD I originally used to make the video, to remaster the video. Every edit is faithful to the original, just with sharper, clearer video and better audio than has existed in nearly 10 years. I hope you enjoy it.

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