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  • Member: Miracle_Falcon
  • Title: How a SEED Shatters
  • Premiered: 2006-01-12
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    • Rob Thomas This is How a Heart Breaks
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  • Comments: Before I get to the actual facts of this video, I would like to make a little note.

    My previously uploaded AMV entitled "Don't Donwload This" is not really an anime music video. It was a music video to "The Odyssey," and I needed to access it at school. I had no discs at the time and my e-mail was down, hence, I loaded it on here. The music entered is false, and the anime entered is false. I thought I could take it down, but I found I can't. If any one knows how I can, please tell me. If any of the moderators or whatever happen to read this, please remove it from the site.

    Anyways, this is my seventh amv (I never posted AMVs 1-4). It is, in my opinion, my best so far. I noticed that there was only one other AMV to this song on here at the time I made it, and that there needed to be more.

    This AMV focuses on Kira and Shinn. It should be noted that Shinn is my favorite character, and hence, he does seem to get a little more face time in this than Kira. This song seemed to fit, since "how a heart breaks" seemed much like how Shinn and Kira go SEED mode so often.

    I have only gotten 2 opinions for the three AMVs I have uploaded so far, so gimme more people. Gimme more.

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