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  • Member: jasper-isis
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: Snow Days
  • Premiered: 2006-01-11
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    • Tenmon Hope and Aspiration
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  • Comments: When I was applying to college these past few weeks, an essay prompt from the Johns Hopkins University application caught my eye:

    Respond to the following, using whatever space and medium you like: If you could plan a day's adventure - starting from your home and spending only around $10 - where would you go, what would you do, and whom would you take with you?

    The "whatever space and medium" part immediately made me think of making an AMV, though I wasn't sure if I could pull fit another project into my busy schedule. As the deadline crept closer and closer, I still couldn't decide whether I wanted to make the video or just go with something like a poem instead. Finally, two nights before the application was due, I caved and jumped into editing mode. I produced a short, 1:30 minute AMV in seven hours, which for me is a really quick pace. Editing quickly without extensive revision along the way was a novel experience for me, and I actually enjoyed it quite a lot.

    If you're wary of this anime because it's getting overused in AMVs these days, remember that it's not really possible to build a plane for under $10; nor would I, given a choice, desire to fall into a deep coma for a day. :P My focus here is entirely different from what I've seen in other Beyond the Clouds videos.

    The video itself is a fairly simple one. Aside from the time crunch, I was also limited by the concreteness (or non-abstractness) of the story that I needed to portray, and then by the amount of useable footage in a single movie. Towards the end (or the beginning, since I more or less worked backward) I started to run out of footage, so there a couple of things in the music that I wasn't able to acknowledge. Still, I'm surprisingly satisfied with how it all came out.

    Well, there isn't much else that I need to say, so enjoy!

    Bonus: I didn't have time to make a title card, so I hid my name somewhere within the video. See if you can find it. :P

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