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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: When I See You Smile
  • Premiered: 2006-01-11
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  • Song:
    • Bad English When I See You Smile
  • Anime:
  • Comments: mmm sappy. Yea, this video is pure sap (maybe). good, bad? you decide. This video was made for the Valentines Project. I had found the project iand really want to do something for it. I then heard this song on an infomercial late at night and figured that this was the video i was gona make.

    I edited this video in Magix Movie Edit Pro 2005 (aka 10 as far as i know). Originaly i had two other videos before this in the works, but both fell through. I was glad i found the V-Day project and was able to make something in magix.

    I edited the audio to fit the project. unfortionatly, 40 seconds was a little to short for the cuts i made. fortunately i was able to do the track at 74 seconds in length.

    The video itself, i really like. I love Ah! My Goddess and was really glad i could use the dvds of the TV series for this video. The idea behind it was mostly just to be sappy and make people go "awwww". But, to me it sort of reflected me in a way. I am a person who thinks of other people a lot. If someone else is feeling down, i do too. If they are feeling happy, so am i. And when i'm having a crummy day, just a single smile from someone i care about can lift my spirits and make everything feel better.

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