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  • Member: dawnfire84
  • Title: Never Forgotten - Hatori and Kana Tribute
  • Premiered: 2006-01-09
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    • Fruits Basket OST Memory - For You
    • Jessa Zaragoza First Love
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  • Comments: Though my favorite pairing in Fruits Basket is definitely Kyou and Tohru, the relationship and events that happened between Hatori and Kana immediately caught my eye as well. It's so heart breaking and tragic to me, and I wanted to make a little tribute to them.

    The song is called 'First Love' and it's originally by Japanese artist Utada Hikaru, but this version is sung in English by Jessa Zaragoza. I've been wanting to use this song for a while now, yet it doesn't exactly have a happy ending type of feel to it so I've never had the opportunity to use it. Until now anyway. The song during the ending credits is 'Memory for You' from the Fruits Basket Soundtrack.

    There are a few subtitles, but this time I chose to leave these specific ones in there. The ones that I left in have to do with the question that Kana asks about snow, and about her being his spring. I think that just that tiny answer sums up so much about their relationship. Akito always told Hatori that he was as cold as snow and winter and that he would never thaw, yet Kana brought out so much in him. She was his spring and helped thaw his icy heart. So that's why I chose to leave those subtitles in and why that quote is at the end.

    Clips taken from episode 8 of Fruits Basket, and I guess it contains spoilers as to what happens between Kana and Hatori.

    Opinions and comments are always appreciated so feel free to leave me your thoughts! I'd love to hear them! Thanks and enjoy!

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