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  • Member: Kristyrat
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Cognitive Dissonance
  • Premiered: 2006-01-09
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    • Mars Volta Son Et Lumiere
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  • Comments: Wow, first of all, this video was WAY easier to edit and finish than Angels and Demons, the difference is astounding to me really. And no, I have not been working on this video for six months (christ, it's been that long :/ ) this was really just a quick video I wanted to do to get back into the swing of things.
    As it turns out, this video became a lot more than just a 'Quickie' for me, and I really had a blast working on it. And now, the details.
    And of course, the teaser video to the new studio that Kisanzi and I formed, none other than Visualized Nightmare Studios.
    The Story
    Yeah, I realize describing the story here defeats the purpose of telling the story in the video itself, but unfortunately, I like writing things.
    Essentially, Cognitive Dissonance, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is the idea of a discord between one's beliefs and actions, an example being the belief that War is wrong, but signing up to be a soldier anyway.
    I really wanted to show that aspect in this AMV, and RahXephon proved to be a really compelling and provocative anime, and I thought it would work very interestingly with this theme. Essentially, Ayato (the main character) is portrayed through the tranquility of his thoughts in the beginning, with the slight intrusion of the less-than tranquil.
    Then we switch over to his actions, being violent and strong, but yet a relief from the eerie state shown in his thoughts, that something just isn't right.
    And finally the mixture of his actions and his thoughts in the last section, where both sides clash into the complexities that are the decisions of humans, resulting ultimately in awakening, and the finale of life.

    So yeah, if you didn't get that from the AMV, I don't blame you, this was really just something turning in the back of my mind for a while, and I needed to get it out in an AMV :P

    The Thanks
    Big thanks to my beta testers, Decoy and Ileia. Thanks for the tips guys, and Decoy for the wonderfully appropriate description of the beginning as 'eerie'.
    Thanks also to Devolution if only because his vid Sound and Light inspired me and got the crazy thoughts behind this video going.
    Finally, Kisanzi, for without his constant prodding to challenge myself, I never would have worked like I did on this video, and I doubt I would've even finished it. :P
    So hah, I finally finished one.

    And yeah, I've said my share.

    Enjoy and leave an op, if it so suits your fancy ;)


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