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  • Members: silver_moon, Sierra Lorna
  • Title: Worlds Unbroken
  • Premiered: 2006-01-07
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    • Jars of Clay Waiting for the World to Fall
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  • Comments: This is the third completed video we've worked on together. We spent about a month on it, working on separate parts of the project at different times. It's the first time we've had to edit a project together while living in different cities!

    Programs used: Adobe Premiere 6, Adobe Photoshop 6

    Both of us were excited to make an Air video, because the footage looks so beautiful. We're
    actually the first ones to use the Air Movie, which is a little surprising since it's such
    a pretty movie (we did end up having to buy the Region 2 DVD for it, unfortunately--nothing
    that was very good quality was available for download anywhere. It was well worth it though.)

    We had originally planned on using a different song for this video ("Caroline" by Seventh Day Slumber), but it wasn't quite working out the way we'd hoped. So we switched to using the Jars of Clay song from the Inspired by Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack.

    The Story:
    We basically retold the story of Air in this video (we more closely followed the movie than the series). The video begins with the main character, Yukito, who is remembering the past summer. He met a girl, Misuzu.

    His mother once told him a story about a girl in the sky. The girl was a winged being named Kanna, and had lived a thousand years ago. She fell in love with one of her guards, but was killed when she tried to fly away from her palace. Kanna was reborn in Misuzu, a thousand years later, and her guard was reborn in Yukito. However, Kanna had a curse put on her when she died, and Misuzu is affected with the same curse so that she becomes ill whenever she begins to love somebody.

    The two lovers are reunited when Yukito meets Misuzu, and they are able to find happiness in each other. But the curse begins to take its toll on Misuzu...

    Some Photoshop examples of effects we did:
    Feather Falling - Long Shot
    Feather Falling - Close Up

    I'm afraid it's been too long to try to find the reasons why
    I let my world close in around a smaller patch of fading sky
    But now I've grown beyond the walls to where I've never been
    And it's still winter in my wonderland

    I'm waiting for the world to fall
    I'm waiting for the scene to change
    I'm waiting when the colors come
    I'm waiting to let my world come undone

    I close my eyes and try to see the world unbroken underneath
    The farther off and already it just might make the life I lead
    A little more than make-believe when all my skies are painted blue
    And the clouds don't ever change the shape of who I am to You

    I'm waiting for the world to fall
    I'm waiting for the scene to change
    I'm waiting when the colors come
    I'm waiting to let my world come undone
    When I catch the light of falling stars my view is changing me
    My view is changing me

    I'm waiting...

    *Criterion Award for Cinematography at Anime North 2006
    *Best Romance/Sentimental at Otakon 2006
    *Best Judge's Overall at Anime Evolution 2006
    *Runner-up for Best Romance at Anime Evolution 2006

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