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  • Members: Hinatasan, [Mike of the Desert]
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: The Chronicles of Midgar
  • Premiered: 2006-01-05
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    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC The Chronicles Of Narnia (Internation Trailer)
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  • Comments: Concept
    Mike: When I saw the trailer of Narnia I immediatley took an eye on the soundtrack, that I found quite epic, the more I was earing it the more I was falling in love with it, but it was not in my project to do an Anime Music Video using it. Then one day Hinatasan took contact with me asking me a favor, she had the idea and the editing of a video in mind, but was technically unable to create it with a Video Editing program, so, actually, it was like "I can't do this, what do you think of do a video where you work on the effects/editing and I completely say you what to make?". In the beginning I found it a little weird, but I accepted. So, I started working on it following her instructions, I always thought she had wonderful ideas as a creator. But since I had to return home, we didn't have much time, in two days we should have completed it, oor the project was to delete. "Two days.." I said. "You're crazy. Let's do it."

    Mike:And finally here it is, a trailer made from me following what Hinatasan said, beside some clips. In the end, there are ideas I loved: 00:17-00:21 (both to create and edit) ; 00:36-00:40 ; 00:58.
    and Ideas I hated: 00:22-00:23 ; 00:29-00:31. Every idea is been thought by her beside of these clips: 00:25-00:28 ; 00:40-00:45 ; 00:50-00:57 ; 1:06-1:14 ; 1:1 (last clip with the final fade to black before the credit). It's been hard to receive a "yes" to my ideas but in the end with those clips I ended winning. :P Being not at my computer sadly I'm been unable to compress the audio ;( That sucks.

    This is it. I think that the comments of this video are essentials to be read, give it a look, they aren't that much long! =)

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