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  • Member: Greek Prince
  • Title: Regrets
  • Premiered: 2006-01-05
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    • Pillar Rewind
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  • Comments: A Sasuke Tribute

    *EDIT* I uploaded this vid again so if you have downloaded this vid already downlaod it again because this is different

    This is the first naruto video that i'v made, i always wanted to make a sasuke video but because of all the people on the site making them it kinda put me off until i decided to make this video focus more on his relationships with his friends rather than just his brother, Itachi.

    This video had it's sentimental parts and its action parts i tried to fit the video with the song words whenever i could with good timing and i think that it came out good considering this is my very first video used in vegas 6.

    Anyone i hope this video will catch some peoples attentions and the video is only here for your enjoyment, so enjoy


    It seems just like yesterday was the first time that I heard You call my name
    Since then, so much has changed
    I'm still the same man that I was before
    Knowing that I can be without anything scares me away from being alone
    Now, that I know what's going on
    I can look back and see You
    And I made You wait, as I turned away

    If I could rewind, watch all my life
    Just pass me by, I could see You
    If I could rewind, I'd take back the lies
    And all of those times I hurt You

    I don't know if I'll ever know exactly how much that I hurt You
    Knowing that hurts me everyday
    If I could rewind, I would take it away
    And not make You wait, and I won't walk away

    I wanna take back all those lies
    I wanna take back all those times
    I wanna show You with my life that I'm here for You

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