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  • Member: Euphoric Abyss
  • Studio: Euphoric Abyss
  • Title: Finally Accepted
  • Premiered: 2006-01-02
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    • Rikki Suteki Da Ne
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  • Comments: I think about many things when I listen to the song Suteki Da Ne. My life, my love, the way I am now. I've recently got a hold of all the episodes of Fruits Basket, and I've watched the anime through and through, again and again. My favourite character, all the characters are beautifully drawn out, thought of etc. but Kyo captured my heart most of all. Not cos he's all bad-ass and stuff like that. But because he wants to be accepted, wanted, loved etc. I remember when I used to want to be exactly like what he wanted. When I was bullied in countless schools for being different. I could understand Kyo through and through, he may just be a character in an anime but to me he is special because I saw myself, so Kyo is my favourite character.

    So this AMV comes from the heart, its based on how Tohru met & got to know Kyo, and Kyo got to know Tohru and learned to open up to her, but he was scared of one thing, scared when Tohru got to see him for who he is or who he considers himself to be. A monster. But he'll soon find out, he's wish is going to come true. He's going to be accepted, by the one he loves.

    So watch this AMV, & please give me an opinion. Thankyou.

    This is a Tohru/Kyo AMV, so to those who don't like this pairing, please don't flame and stuff like that, I've put alot of thought into this AMV, and I hope you'll appreciate it to some degree ya know? Thankyou.

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