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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Different kinds of pain ?
  • Premiered: 2006-01-11
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    • Cold A different kind of pain
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  • Comments: My first amv about a well-known serie ... guaranted 99% Ichigo free !

    Since I don't seem talented in action amv, I continue on the "depressing-hopeless-deadend" genre. ^^

    This amv is centered around the one-sided loves of Bleach, mainly Aizen-Hinamori-Hitsugaya, Kenpachi-Yachiru and Ichimaru-Matsumoto, with some about Rukia-Renji and Shunsui-Nanao relationships. Since they are under represented in others amv (except Renji), it's like a tribute to them ... and a way for me to stand out !

    The title "Different kinds of pain ?" is a question about what the characters feel toward their captain/friend. Their lifes were differents, but they face the same issue : the inability to express what they really feel to the person the most important for them. Especially true for Yachiru and Hitsugaya, who can't do anything but root for Kenpachi and Hinamori in their choices of life (first is fighting, second is serving), even it means to loose their precious ones in the end.

    The song hits me, mainly because of the beginning (piano), and the last refrain. It really matches the vision I have about those characters. The lyrics aren't that interesting, but fit well enough with their feelings, and that's what matter.

    I've tried to do a parallel between physical pain, and psychological suffering, in order to show they suffer more from their need to be loved than fighting wounds. Don't expect much effects or lipsync, I'm not ready yet ^^ ...

    Hope you will appreciate it, since it's actually one of the few amv about Bleach's secondary characters, who are, from my point of view, more complex than their appearance would suggest (especially true for Yachiru and Ichimaru).

    It would have been available on the 10th of January 2005 ... Just when episode 63 was released !
    But, due to a bad surprise from my computer (2 hours to encode 6 minutes !), I needed a longer delay to make it public ... T_T

    Technical stuff :
    Codecs = DivX5/mp3 128kb
    Encoder = Pocket DivX Encoder
    Resolution = 512x384
    Size = 60 MB
    Footage = Bleach - episodes 30 to 62 (more or less)

    A direct link will come later (don't have much space left on my hosting)

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