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  • Member: SephirothX
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: FF7-AC : Advent Reloaded
  • Premiered: 2005-11-12
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    • Matrix Reloaded Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: ---IMPORTANT NOTE---

    After seeing the movie Advent Children, well that is after my giddy-fanboy euphoria faded (slightly), I noticed the movie had a few distinct similarities between it and The Matrix Reloaded.

    Then after noticing others had seen these similarities and after seeing a trailer mixing the Matrix Reloaded final trailer and Advent Children created by an artist named Ruan, which in my distinct opinion and all do respect to that creator, that lacked the true potential and necessary things that would make it a completely awesome trailer... something I know I could do.

    So then I sat down, and started working on it like a man possessed putting my own distinct flavor into it and giving it a healthy dose of awesome while mixing in everything that is so obviously similar between Advent Children and Matrix Reloaded. After I finished this trailer I was suprisingly happy with what I had created, and honestly have to hold this as one of my favorite creations. Enjoy.

    *Added note for those watching this through the VCAs possibly*
    --- Before you bash this video because it has a couple instances were lipsycining is off I'm going to explain why I left it like it was.

    -First off lipsycining with live-action styled footage is very different and in many ways harder than doing it with Anime. Basically I didnt alter the lips of the characters because I wanted to keep the even flowing style of the clips. Because altering the clips for more perfect lip movements using this style of footage does not work, since there are traditionally various background elements going into the footage in the first place. The lipsyncing styles do work for the most part in the video, obviously some are off, but for the sake of a 'flowing' video I kept the clips undisturbed.

    Enjoy! ^_^

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