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  • Member: guy07
  • Title: Pain To The Grave
  • Premiered: 2005-12-28
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    • Linkin Park Easier To Run
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  • Comments: Is there any sadder movie then GOTFF? IF there is, i dont wana see it. This one almost made me cry ;_;.
    It took ma about 7 hours total to make (excluding rendering time). It fallows Seita and his sister in their struggle to survive WW2 and shows how hard it is for Seita to put on a happy act to keep his sister from knowing whats really going on. It's a bit if a shiji video with some nice effects.
    WARNING: This video may make u cry, if it does, congrats, u have a soul. If u don't, i guess ur going to hell.I only used vegas. I didn't do any F-B-B editing either. no bad lip synch to ruin it either.

    Enjoy and feel free to leave a opinion to help me get better or tell me i'm already perfect (or not, lol).

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