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  • Member: imulla777
  • Title: Force from the power
  • Premiered: 2005-12-28
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    • Archive So few words
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  • Comments: This is my first video, kind of an experiment to be really honest. I've officially tried my first steps in the *wonderful* world of codecs and stuff alike and i found out really soon that i'm not properly inclined to understand all their properties...i'm sorry i couldn't trim the clip, but i really didn't manage to find the option! If someone is available to give some advice i would be more than happy to hear it...and well, i hope you will appreciate the effort!

    About the sub cropping... i did an awful job of that cause i encountered many problems when i tried to crop and resize..the images looked nasty! So i cropped all the bottom and then the sides cause i was not sure about the resizing. Maybe i should have left the sides as they were (?). Well, like i said i'm learning so i hope to discover some useful feature for the next video...

    The song could seem kind of boring if you don't like the genre, i don't know...but i thought that it really fit the anime, it's the main reason that made me try to realize a video, so blame the song not me ;P

    The clip is a little jerky in the first seconds or so, but then it improves.

    BTW i was hoping to realize another video, this time an action one, cause while this song is quite slow and doesn't need thick-stuffed sequences, the other one i had in mind is really all another matter! And i liked the idea of having an action video for this anime (StS is after all an action anime ^^')...sooo, do you think the file is a little too big?

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