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  • Member: Andymion
  • Studio: Andymion's Studio
  • Title: HERO
  • Premiered: 2002-07-24
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    • Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott Hero
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  • Comments: NEW COMMENT WRITTEN 07/25/05

    My second video, first released to the general public.

    This video was essentially a 'Why not?' work. Like most of my videos since, this was an idea that came to me while I wasn't even trying to come up with video ideas. I was bored senseless at the time, and wanted to make a new video that was better than the first one I'd done. I was still a n00b at AMV creating, so there are a small number of accidental edits in this video.

    In retrospect, I'm pretty proud of this video. It was the confidence boost I needed to keep me making AMVs. Rurouni Kenshin was a revolutionary series in the post-DBZ anime world. There was no concept of 'the world's strongest', only a tale of a man who wished for nothing more than to atone for his heinous crimes. It would be hard to argue that Kenshin is not a Hero, as true as any anime has to offer. This video idea made more sense to me than my previous video.

    While making the video, I first experience the creator's joy. The idea of seeing something you did in motion is still enough to send chills down my spine. This video made an addict out of me.

    If you like the video, let me know. C&C is appreciated, but I think I have gained all I can from this video. I have grown in my video creating, if you will. Other than that, please enjoy!

    (Studio Nekosan)

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