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  • Member: Moonlessnight
  • Studio: RW Productions
  • Title: Scars of Flame: A Tribute to the Alchemist Killer
  • Premiered: 2005-12-27
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  • Song:
    • Day of Fire Through the Fire
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  • Comments: The Concept:
    Of all the villains in anime, Scar has to be one of my absolute favorites. As such, I thought it would be fitting to make a tribute to him and his quest to take on State Alchemists everywhere. Although, I must say that lack of footage made the focus skew a tad toward his hunt for Fullmetal with just a sprinkling of the other alchemists. But hey! No one's perfect! **grin**

    The Music:
    Finding a song that would fit Scar was perhaps the hardest part of this undertaking, owing to his diverse personality. A wanderer, a lost soul, a warrior, and a killer all wrapped up in a religious vendetta, Scar is tough character to capture in song. After much perusing of sound-bytes online, I came across a wonderful song by Day of Fire. I figured it fit Scar's self image as a "right hand of god". He's "saving" the alchemists from their sins after all. (Twisted, ne?)

    The Video:
    Thank the fiance and my sister for this one. He got a FMA DVD for my sister for Christmas and she saw fit to share it with me for AMV purposes. Thanks you guys! ^_^ All the footage is from FMA Volume 4. Having to pull all the clips from a single DVD was a challenge (shortages of desired clips and what-not), but I think the challenge made the video all the better. When you have to think about the story you want to tell THAT much, it makes the scene choices a bit wiser. ...I my opinion anyway. Let me know yours once you've watched the AMV.

    Technical Notes:
    Captured on Pinnacle 10 Plus, edited in Pinacle 9 Plus, and re-encoded in Virtual Dub. Some overlay effects were accomplished employing the use of Photoshop 7 Pro. (One of the pic overlays is from a CG drawing of mine. Try and spot it.) 50+ hours of work went into this video, starting Christmas morning with the capture/watching of the DVD, and ending just a half an hour ago. Note to self: Get up every now and then and EAT WHEN MAKING AMV's! The dog-gone videos can wait! **stares at the microwave in hopes it will go faster** -_-' That's what I get for living in front of my PC for almost three days straight.

    Song Lyrics:

    Walk in the flame again,
    Iíll be there to hold your hand,
    Keeping you safe until the end
    And when the flood begins,
    Iíll be there with you to stand,
    Walking in faith until the end

    I see you through the flood,
    See you through the fire,
    See you through the storms-a-raging.

    Walking the darkest rain
    I cover you by my name,
    A shelter inside your world of pain
    Step on the waters waves
    Coming to me by faith
    I am the light of better days


    I see you through the flood,
    I see you through the fire,
    I see you thorough,
    the storms are raging

    donít be afraid
    Iíll never leave you lying
    Forever yours

    Forever yours
    Forever yours I am

    With that, enjoy the vid! ...Oh, and PLEASE REVIEW!

    Ja ne!

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