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  • Member: LuluandAuron
  • Studio: Epical Studios
  • Title: Broken Oath
  • Premiered: 2005-10-02
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    • Metallica Unforgiven
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  • Comments: Broken Oath
    Story based on Romance of Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong

    The story opens with Liu Bei remembering the oath in the Peach Garden. However the scene changes back to a lonely Liu Bei with only his swarn brothers weapons. Their defeat and Lui Bei's revenge unfolds to Liu bei's end.

    These videos have become a labor of love for me. As editors, some of us come to a point where we ask ourselves, why do I do this? I had spent a year already study officer biographies to get the first three videos finished. However Koei had come out with a new game and enough clips to keep me going another year. So I have come up with four new concept that dig deeper into officers lives, Broken Oath being the first. My hope is that even if you are not familar with Romance of Three Kingdoms, I have been a good enough storyteller to get the events across.
    Also to anyone who can read Chinese, I appologize for the Cao rather then Wu on the flags at the end.(I couldn't find a clip of Wu with charging horses, however I have now been informed that there is a clip in RTK 10)

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