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  • Member: MistyCaldwell
  • Title: Whimsical Chemistry
  • Premiered: 2002-08-09
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    • SemiSonic Chemistry
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  • Comments: Not many people have seen Kimagure Orange Road and even less people have seen music videos about it. Probably because it's one of the old school anime....However I really enjoyed this series. It's like ranma's character design with some actual relationship progression :)

    Semisonic is one of my favorite bands so I had heard this song many times before. Chemistry seems to be exactly what KOR centers around. Kyosuke falls deeply in love with Madoka on their first meeting (well....not exactly....I think Love Hina sorta got their idea here :) ) but there is really nothing between them but chemistry for many of the episodes. Chemistry is pretty powerful though and love triangles abound in this series.

    There are no true spoilers in this amv. I know it may look like it..but I had to fabricate some things to make this video successful.

    This video is now available for download tonight (the 18th) and the ftp server goes down when I am at Sugoicon tomorrow ^_^.

    There are two versions available tonight, one is 40 MB, the other an earthshattering 130. The 40 is for people who just wanna see it, the higher one is for anyone who may want to keep a high quality file. I am probably going to take down the high quality one but I want people who get the 40 MB one to know a better looking version is available.

    ***********The 130 MB version seems to be extremely picky. Sometimes it denies login, sometimes not. The 40 seems to work ok. I would spend some time fixing this, but I gotta go. So, good luck to you if you try and download the 130....if it just won't go, take the 40 if you don't mind ^_~************

    Anyway, Enjoy.

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