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  • Member: Eternal Flight
  • Title: Eien no Devote
  • Premiered: 2005-12-24
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    • Yoriko Daia no Hana
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  • Comments: This amv contains shounen ai.
    Not explicit stuff, but not very mild either.. Just so you know.. You have been warned..

    Anyway, it's another neji and itachi pairing. I don't think I'll be doing this pairing, or any original pairing, anymore.. It's just too much work and I get frustrated..

    Un-like my amv "Broken Wings", here I used footage from the anime Naruto. There is no actual story in my amv, it's more like fan-service.. Even so, I find it pretty good. And I think that if you download it, you won't hate it too much.

    Once again, this amv was done solely for the purpose of entertaining me, and making my sister happy. So don't you worry if you happen to detest it. ^-^

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