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  • Members: [Mike of the Desert], Sharingan no Lisa
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: Imaginary
  • Premiered: 2005-12-23
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  • Song:
    • Evanescence Imaginary (Remixed Version)
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  • Comments: Finally.. Finally here it is. =)
    This is probably the biggest project I made in the 2005, and if it is not, surely it's one of my biggests. Luckly, this is the most time/effort spendful project of the whole year. I'm really, sincerely proud of it. I'm not trying to be narcisist of course, I'm only euphoric to have finally finished this project, that more than once risked to be canceled.

    This is the first Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children video that the TwinLight Studios faced. I don't know now if it will be the last, but surely we worked thinking it was, it's always helpful. :P With this video come to light my first collaboration with my sister, member of the studio, Sharingan no Lisa. We literally divided the song into 4 parts, editing so 2 parts each. Confrontating and helping each other.

    Sharingan no Lisa Part 1 -> 00:27 - 1:23
    Michele Part 2 -> 1:23 - 2:17
    Michele Part 3 -> 2:17 - 3:04
    Sharingan no Lisa Part 4 -> 3:04 - 3:57

    This is not an action video like the anime could let think, it's a tribute. A tribute to all the Final Fantasy fans like us that felt shivers watching this movie. I made my best to create the most big and strong emotions to any possible viewer, and I really hope I hit the target.
    We tried to put as many "Special Extras" as possible, all of them are, as is been already said, dedicated to all the Final Fantasy fans out there. =) This video anyway, is not concerned only to them, of course not, I would really like everyone to see it. For example, at the end of the video, appear a text.. "The End", that's a classic to everyone who played any of the Final Fantasies, since every one of those games end with that. There are a lot of more things of this type, but I don't want to spoiler them, this was only an example of our ideas. Same goes for the lyrics, we followed them with cure, but not literally, we tried to put double meanings to many of the clips, trying, again, to give emotions to the viewer.

    About the spoiler factor: (Important) We tried to not include any type of spoiler in the video. But we anyway submitted the anime as "Spoilered", since there is the presence of a charachter in particular, that can surely be taken as a big spoiler. =) Away from that, nothing is spoilered in the video.

    I worked really a lot on our effects, creating a video that escape from the classic description of an anime music video, I tried to use fluid, worked on transition in this work, deleting the "Cut" method to switch between clips. But I don't want to fill this space with technical comments or wathever will not be read by the most of you, since it would be, probably, boring. If you have any question about this video, same for any type of comment, feel free to contact me and I'll be completely disponible. Sadly, this creation uses one of the bands that are been banned from the site.

    Sadly the video can't be hosted on the site since the Evanescence are not more allowed to be on the site due to legal problems, so I had to find another host for the video. =) If you're interested into downloading it, go here, you'll simply have to click on "Free" as the type of download you want, wait a minute, and download the video.

    Link: Download - Imaginary (not avaiable)
    Imaginary Lyrics

    Swallow it up for the sound of my screaming
    cannot cease for the fear of silent night
    Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming
    the goddess of imaginary light

    In my field of paper flowers
    and candied clouds of multiply
    I lye inside myself for hours
    and watch my purple sky fly over me

    I linger in the doorway
    our alarm clock screaming monsters calling widening
    let me stay
    where the wind will whisper to me
    where the raindrops as there falling
    tell there story

    If you need to leave the world you live in
    lay your head down and stay awake
    though you may not remember dreaming
    something waits for you to breath again

    In my field of paper flowers
    and candied clouds of multiply
    I lye inside myself for hours
    and watch my purple sky fly over me.

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