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  • Member: angelx03
  • Title: "Unofficial" Fate/stay night Trailer
  • Premiered: 2005-12-20
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    • Yuki Kajiura Evocation
    • Yuki Kajiura Somewhere I Belong
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  • Comments: One of the main reasons I started to make AMVs is to show the community anime series that are pretty much fresh and new, and in addition I include series that are real hidden gems (or in other words series that are really good but ridiculiously underrated). Hopefully once the viewer sees that AMV I made, the viewer might get interested and wants to watch that series, and in turn the viewer will make AMVs using that series.

    For my third video, I decided to "hype" up the upcoming new TYPE-MOON series called Fate/stay night. These guys are the same people who did the rather successful series Lunar Legend Tsukihime. According to the Anime News Network's Trivia, Fate/stay night was the best selling PC game in 2004 (and it's NOT just because of the porn, mind you :p). Because of it, there's been high expectations of how the TV series will live up to the game (despite the fact some people liked Tsukihime, it was a pretty bad adaptation from the PC game execution wise). If you want more information on Fate/stay night, you can go to this unofficial English website (and no, there's no porn pics there).

    Just a little clarification. The TV series' music itself will be done by Kenji Kawai so don't get confused with the fact that Yuki Kajiura is doing it even though I used her music for this unofficial trailer. And for anyone that's curious, I used the music that's found in the Petite Cossette OST.

    If I can get you interested on this series, then I have done my job. Hope you enjoy it as well!

    Time Spent: 2 days
    Software and Programs Used:
    Windows Movie Maker 2.1
    Audicity 1.2.3
    EO Video 1.36

    Thanks for beta-testing:

    ***Finalist for VCAs 2006***
    Best Trailer

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