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  • Member: Aneino_Kaijin
  • Title: Off with her Head
  • Premiered: 2002-08-20
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    • Voltaire The Headless Waltz
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  • Comments: First, lets get one thing out of the way… this is a boring video. That comes from two very VERY important factors.

    1. It is a character profile of Kotori from the “X” movie, which basically means ***SPOILER ALERT kinda*** she looks worried, dies, or does some combination of the two in every shot. **END spoiler alert** Not much variety in the diet there.

    2. I did not spice it up with many effects. In fact, I only used a couple fades. Why, you may ask? Well, some might say that it’s because I’m lazy, but that’s not true. To date this vid has probably occupied about 30 hours of my time, whish is insane considering it’s only 1:40 long. Making those flower petals at the beginning dance was the worst! ~scream~

    So then, why should you download this video? Well, if you know the movie at all, then its good for a laugh. It’s not very re-viewable, but before you get sick of it you may just smirk to yourself a few times.

    I noticed in flipping through the vids here that there are two things people tended to avoid when they made X vids: poking fun at the takes-itself-ultra-seriously plot and execution, and Kotori. :-)

    In her defense, she’s actually a very good actress. You see ***SPOILER ALERT kinda*** she knows she’s going to die. You can see it in her eyes. She’s like a cornered mouse *pat pat* but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up, oh no. She is going to die as tragically and melodramatically as possible! **END spoiler alert**

    I meant to end with Kotori, but it seemed so incomplete that I extended the clip to include the next part of the song and used everyone’s favorite movie ending scene, in greatly increased speed, because when you think about it, those two are acting very silly.

    THEME: The theme is the conspiracy between Kamui and Fuma to kill the hapless Kotori, who is actually evil-er than they are HAHAHAHAHA ~ahem~ sorry. At the end Fuuma pays for his plotting *pats* and all is snide with the world.

    LYRICS: As above, so below
    Place your bet which way the head will roll
    Made in your image we,
    are at least as twisted and mean as thee

    For your eyes, what a curious sight
    Your children have turned on you
    And you say you don\\\'t sleep well at night,
    well, we\\\'ll take care of that for you

    All my troubles, all my pain
    stems from this thing that you call a brain
    Be my guest, sever me
    from the source of all my agony
    What a shame, I\\\'ve forgotten my name
    without the use of my brain
    And I bet I\\\'ll sleep well tonight
    without this head of mine

    Get that damn thing off my neck
    I’m the head of the board
    now I\\\'m bored of my head
    Sharpen up the blade boys
    What are you waiting for
    Here\\\'s where we all get ahead
    Wipe that damn smile off your face
    or we\\\'ll lop it off clean with our new guillotine
    Sharpen up the blade boys
    Bells are now tolling
    soon head will be rolling

    Please sir, for me sir, won\\\'t you see if you see sir?
    Dear, I dread I seem to have lost my head

    Should be up by Aug. 14

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