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  • Member: keeso
  • Studio: FoxWorm Studios
  • Title: The Three Kingdoms
  • Premiered: 2005-12-21
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    • Bond Explosive
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    It's been a while since I've done anything.. Most likely the reason for this is World Of Warcraft, but somehow I managed to use 3 weeks for this amv. Oo TBH I've had 3 week pause from WoW :S

    Anyway.. I've always wanted to make AMV and using Dynasty Warriors as a footage.

    Mainly I've used scenes from DW5, but there are scenes from DW4, so beware!

    Here are few screenshots:
    Three Kingdoms
    Cao Cao
    "Xu Huang has arrived!"
    Taishi Ci and his mighty clubs
    Horse.. Oo

    There are Three Kingdoms in china and all of them want to lead the China, which is impossible,
    only one of them can lead the country. So they have to fight for it.

    Here's The Timeline for those, who doesn't know what's going on:

    [00:00-00:09] "Koei and W-Force" the official ads of DW's.. And I've changed them :p
    [00:09-00:20] I wanted to use Gan Ning in my AMV, and so I had to make this "loading..loading.." thing.
    [00:20-00:37] "There are three kingdoms"

    Three Kingdoms vs LuBu and his minions:
    [00:37-00:45] Three Kingdoms are preparing to war under supervision of Yuan Shao.
    [00:45-00:48] Dong Zhuo tells Lubu that he have to kill all of the enemies.
    [00:48-00:58] The War begins and ends, LuBu dies.

    [00:58-01:15] Shu, Wei, Wu.

    Wei and Shu:
    [01:15-01:23] Shu and Wei are agreeing an peace-contract, which wei betrays.
    [01:23-01:40] Shu heard that wei has betrayed the contract and they are preparing for a war against wei.
    [01:40-01:58] War begins.. Shu vs Wei. Shu commander dies..
    And Wu wants to revenge the dishonorable death of Shu COmmander Liu Bei.

    Wei and Wu:
    [01:58-02:21] The only romantic sequence on the whole amv :S
    [02:21-02:52] Wu is preparing for war.
    [02:52-03:52] The longest and prolly best action scene in this amv.. Wu vs Wei, And is there a winner for this nonsense?..dunno..
    that's for you to decide.

    T3H credits:

    Thanks to:
    Daurai: For lending your DW4
    Juzu: Beta tester.. :"wow, the effects are impressive.. Nice job mate."
    Demonrealm: Beta tester.. :"Oh come on, you can do better than this.. I hate you! *rofl* You=noob, me=t3hpro."
    Castor Troy: Without your brilliant Ps2 ripping guide I've would have been screwed. :P
    The Creator of Dw5 art book! I love your works!
    Koei and DW5

    Programs that were used in this project:
    -Adobe Premier Pro 1.5
    -Adobe Photoshop 7
    -Adobe After Effects 6
    -PSS Plex
    -TMPGEnc 2.5

    Technical information:
    Format: .avi
    Video Codec: XviD (DivX compatible)
    Audio Codec: Lame mp3
    Resolution: 640 x 480
    Duration: 3:52
    File Size: 65mb


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