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  • Member: StrangeAsAngels
  • Studio: Miso Studios
  • Title: With Me Forever
  • Premiered: 2005-12-17
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    • Weather Forecast Kimi Sae Ireba (Tokyo Wankei Opening Theme)
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  • Comments: The track I chose to use for this video is the title theme to a quite poignant J-Drama called Tokyo Wankei. The story revolves around the struggle between a Korean woman and a Japanese man who are in love, but who face immense difficulty because of their families' opposition to their relationship. Though they have different problems than Mamo/Usagi & Miaka/Tamahome, they have enough on their own.. and there were many parallels. All of these couples at one point or another break up, not because they want to, but because they think by being with the other they are hurting or causing problems for the one they love. All three couples prove that in the end, you can actually make it through terrible ordeals if you keep believing in each other and hold on no matter what obstacles the world throws in your path.

    The song is sung in Korean, and I toyed with the idea of subbing the video with the translated lyrics. Reason being: I did not just edit blindly.. all the scenes and lyrics do fit one another and I felt that it would mean more if you knew what was being said. I decided against it however because I was concerned that it would detract from the scenes themselves.


    When you said we should break up,
    I couldn't believe it
    But you, my everything,
    seemed to be in pain
    And I couldn't take it away...

    All that's left of you are my memories
    The memories slowly crumble
    So if it's really for my sake...

    Stay with me forever
    Don't ever leave me
    Even if I were to lose everything in the world
    I'll be fine
    As long as you're here with me
    As long as you're with with me

    All I do is think of you
    So if it's really for my sake

    Falling miserably
    So if it's really for my sake

    Stay forever by my side
    And don't ever leave me

    Even if I were to lose everything
    I don't mind as long as you're here
    As long as you're here with me


    The lyrics seem short when translated in English. Of course, the Korean phrases for these sound so much longer. (Still thinking maybe I should make a version with the lyrics gliding in softly on the bottom right corner one day..)


    Okay.. Yes, that was one of the thoughts first and foremost in my mind when selecting footage for this project.

    Let me explain.

    I adore Sailormoon and Fushigi Yuugi, but many of the videos I've seen for both of these series depict our beloved Miaka and Usagi in very un-flattering shots. Everybody knows that no matter how much you love a show's character design, there are some scenes where the characters look, well.. "special". Not the kind of special Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders sang about, oh no.. but, just all wrong... The kind that make you wonder if they gave the key animators a vacation right in the middle of a pivotal story arc and left the animators of Ping Pong club in charge for the day. As "wai wai" as these gals both tend to be, they also do have a serious side that is overlooked frequently. I wanted to portay their strength of heart here, thus they deserved better than the random "duhhh" facial expressions. Additionally, no scenes of Tuxedo Kamen with his hand on his hip. That's RIGHT OUT.

    This is my first video, so of course there are many things that I wish I could change about it.

    I was however particularly happy with the timing on these scenes:

    Miaka looks back over her shoulder and the scroll (Four Gods Sky and Earth) leaps up into the sky and the red light starts to spin and shine with the rise of the instrumental interlude

    Immediately following Miaka drawing the Holy Sword, the petals of Tuxedo Kamen's rose spin out and then a rose strikes the ground

    Mamoru's tears hitting his motorcycle helmet

    Suzaku's red starlight and the petals floating on the wind at the end

    There were a couple of places where I wanted to alter effects but didn't have many options given the software I was using. I did actually learn how to add some effects on using XML code but it's still a far cry from what I could do with After Effects. I am happy with the outcome overall though and I think it's a pretty good foray into editing. This video was created using WMM2 which I don't plan to continue using for too long. The controls are very limiting. Also, I need to learn scripting to de-interlace my footage. I know exactly the visual outcome I want from my AMVs, I just have to learn how to master them on Premier. That's the next big challenge.

    Questions, comments, opinions etc. are appreciated.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and download the video. I hope you enjoy it.

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