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  • Member: JaddziaDax
  • Studio: ScoobsNet Studios
  • Title: The One - Love Stories - Track 05
  • Premiered: 2005-12-17
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    • Daniel Beddingfield If You're Not The One
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    Sony Vegas Movie Studio 4 + 5 - (I've been doing the main editing in 4 and then fine tuning in 5)
    VirtualDub Mod - (compression baby!!! .AVI!!!)

    General Crap:
    This is "The One" also known as Track 05 from Love Stories a Multi-Editorer Project put together by ScoobsNet Studios

    This was sort of a last minute video made because it was a bit faster than trying to send Scoob the video so he could edit it.. unfortunately the person who was supposed to take this track lost internet and missed the deadline.. either way I ended up taking this track at the last minute AFTER the deadline, so it's a really simple video with very few effects.
    (but there are still effects, so I left the option open to be rated)

    When I heard the song, it reminded me of this little encounter that Ichigo had with Aoyama-kun in episode 27, I was going to incooperate more than just that bit, but when I did, the video didnt seem to work or fit right for me (or was too comical). So, I thought that keeping it to this sweet intimate moment would be best, especially because the song reflects what happened in that scene.

    Just in case you wanna know the back story of what is going on here:
    Basically, Ichigo had a meeting time with him, but due to the fact that she was off fighting Evil , she completely missed the date... She ran there to see if he was still there to find no one. She collapsed to the ground and cried for a bit when Aoyama-kun showed up... Afraid that he was mad at her she started babbling... basically all he did was stand there listening to her for a minute, and walked up and hugged her (they had barely held hands before this even though they have been basically dating from episode 1)... Well since no one in this series gets nosebleeds, instead Ichigo has a problem with her cat ears and tail popping out at the wrong time... lmao (similar to a nose bleed for her but maybe in a bit more mild sense though) Well her ears pop out and since she thinks he doesnt know about it and will probably reject her due to it and therefore doesnt want him to know, she covers her head and runs behind the poll. He tries reaching out to her and she shrinks away. He then hands her the cloth which she puts on her head (thus covering the cat ears) and slinks back out to see him.. He hugs her again, and they stay like that for a while... Thing is he knows about her super powers, and knows she is insecure about it around him, but he doesnt let on about it too much till later in the series, and he figures she will tell him when she is comfortable with it.
    And thats about all you "need" to know about the back story behind this scene...

    anyways I thought it was a really sweet scene in the series, and thats why I chose it for this MEP Piece... (that and pressed for time) in the end I think it worked out well :)

    Also, the reason it's not the entire song, is because its part of a Multi Editorer Project:
    If you want to see the entire MEP then please check out Love Stories!!! its a wonderfully done piece made by 7 of the coolest editorers I know :)

    Quick Comments:
    * 2006-05-29 00:51:47love the song and the video was sweet i wish you would have had the whole song on but i understand you were just presenting the scean. i loved it.
    * 2006-04-26 01:23:09purrrrrr.....
    * 2006-04-22 14:17:43wow it's very cute
    * 2006-03-08 22:08:49QC!!! ^_^
    * 2006-03-05 11:57:22I hate to's pixely in areas, but other than that, AWESOME JOB! XD For some reason, I think it's sad.
    * 2006-02-07 20:54:02^_^ awwwwwww! so cuuuute! perfect choice of scenes and editing for the clip^_^-Beth
    * 2006-01-18 15:25:01Nice!
    * 2006-01-12 17:39:45sexei shit yo it deserves the ed's metal penis award! oh yea! XD but TRACK TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P
    * 2006-01-06 23:44:48Aww, so cute!!!!! This is not Scoob..... _>

    Feel free to leave an Opinion or a Quick Comment if you wish, I always like to hear that people are enjoying my videos!



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