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  • Members (13): Streicher, Bauzi, Ingow, JCD, Keeper of Hellfire, Niotex, PX32, Ray Stanz, RottenJesus, Sojiro, Sty!a, xRinoa, yumi+chan
  • Title: Hot Coffee 2005
  • Premiered: 2005-12-11
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  • Songs:
    • Pixies Where Is My Mind?
    • Slipknot Disasterpiece
    • Bloodhound Gang Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
    • Broomstick Papa
    • DJ Sharpnel Makiba
    • Fugees ready or not
    • James Brown I Got You (I Feel Good)
    • Kittie Choke
    • Leon Now Sugar In The Marmalade
    • Lou Reed Perfect Day
    • methods of mayhem Get Naked
    • System of a Down CIGARO
    • ZU Amaryllis
    • ZUN 蟆大・ウ遘伜ー∝カ讌ス驛ィ
  • Anime:
  • Comments: There was a definite lack of Hentai AMVs from Germany. So one night I joked around in our IRC-Channel that I should host a Hentai Iron Chef. xRinoa demanded it. I loled first, but then thought: "Why not?"

    This is the compilation of all entries for Hot Coffee 2005.

    The rules were quite similar to a French Iron Chef. 24 hours to get everything done. But instead of providing a single song for all to edit to, I made a songpool (21 songs) with different genres to allow a broader band of possible AMVs. From teh funnay to serious romance. (no, really... i'm not kidding^^)

    Here are some comments from the editors: (more will follow)

    Ingow: The most unacceptable thing for the crowd that I was able to do with the given sources.

    xRinoa: Now I feel very dirty and become outright nervous in the presence of a shotgun.

    Ray Stanz: I'm sorry that I didn't use the whole time I had, because I slept too long and I also went skating instead of working on my vid. I lost the "coolness" of the first part from get naked because I syched all the scratches in the beginning and the Toilet scene looked great, but the scene before sucked so I reedited it and now you can't see how good it looked to the 2nd scratch section because I edited the first part.

    Sojiro: During editing i felt more and more wrong by every passed hour ._. and so i feel now as well ;_; have fun watching an untrue soji amv.

    Bauzi: I worked on my video from 8:15 PM to 4:30 AM , no sleep for 30 hours, coffee, hentai and the wohle thing mixed with fun... The editing rocked XP

    yumi+chan: I fulfilled a dream of me. I always wanted to show so much beautiful, sweet girls at one time.

    PX32: I wanted to make something heartbreaking/romantic and had to make several breaks because i had to the urge to......cry.

    And here are some "user"-comments:

    rax (21,M): "This compilation helped me through the loneliness I felt, after not being able to see my girlfriend for 3 days. This and a big bottle of lube."

    hunny (18,F): "This compilation helped me through the loneliness I felt, after not being able to see my boyfriend for 3 days. This and the Dualshock function of my PS2 Controller."

    Messi: ZOMG !!! WTF !!!! :p~~~~~~~~
    This much yuri, loli, and sadly also yaoi at once is not healthy.

    I think a disclaimer is kinda redundant for a compilation of Hentai AMVs, oh well:

    This contains scenes of nudity and sexual intercourse.
    In romantic and not so romantic situations.

    How to play this little pecker:

    Pick one:
    -Use the VLC Player.
    -Install CCCP.
    -Choose the correct filter and splitter for yourself, with the help of the doom9 forums.
    I'm sure there are many more ways to do it, but those are the easiest, imho.

    Btw: This runs fine on a P3 (800Mhz) with a 32 MB video-card. So if doesn't run good there's something wrong with your software. No need for an AthlonX2. ^_^

    EDIT: Thanks for hosting, ngsilver.

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