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  • Member: Paperskunk
  • Studio: Blood Brothas and Co.
  • Title: Dreamy State
  • Premiered: 2002-08-05
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    • Eric Clapton Classical Gas
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  • Comments: This video was quickly thought of the day I bought and saw the Escaflowne Movie. At first the only thing that made me want to make the video is this thought, "Wow, this anime and song goes so well together." That wasn't it. The pointless idea that I had originally thought of was not what I was doing. There was some subconcious idea driving my every move. I still havn't put my finger on it. I still don't really know what I was doing. I looked at my final product and I was very pleasently suprised. It was the best editing job i've ever done. It was crazy. After I finished I gave it to a fellow mac AMV creator to preview. He had two interpretations of it. One was it was just a video to a song with random scenes that had no real meaning. The other was that it was like a dream. In his opinion the Escaflowne movie was just like a dream, and this video was just like the movie. He said it was like when you wake up and you know you had a dream, but you can't remember just what it's about. I really think this video represents the anime well. The whole feel of it, and for those of you who havn't seen the really don't care about that crap so you can just watch the video and be happy, bliatches. I really don't know how to describe it. It's open to many interpretations. Please watch carfully and enjoy.

    This song was originally written by Mason Williams but eric Clapton did a cover of it. This is his version.

    The downloadable version is a lot worse quality then my original DivX version because my host dosn't like DivX and turned it into a 30 mb mpeg file. If you look at some of my reviews the quality has been 9 or up, jusk ask them :-P PLEASE!!!!

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