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  • Member: Ninjafox
  • Title: True Love
  • Premiered: 2005-12-16
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  • Song:
    • Whitney Houston Run to you
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  • Comments: Hmm how I came across this idea is still kind of weird to me but yeh... I really love the song “ I will always love you “ so I then checked through the other songs in the album by Whitney Houston, “The Bodyguard” and I was listening to this song “Run to you”, then suddenly I thought of:

    Run to you + chorus, matching D.N. Angel scene's 'BOOM' = AMV idea ^_^

    Yep that’s how it all started, weird but yeh I made it work some how. I decided to make this amv in Vegas Movie Studio 4 because the way i wanted to make this was by not using to much fancy effects but just the basic effects with timing and probably most importantly, the lyrics matching with the clips or so i tried to throughout the vid, oh and the fact that Vegas isn’t a bitch when it comes to using DivX files, yeh im noob, what’s VDubMod and Huffyuv o.O? Nah jk…really… =D.

    The concept behind the video revolves the dilemma of love between Daisuke, Dark, Riku and Risa. Yes one big happy circle…or is it???….nah… it pretty much is, just watch the series =P. After deciding how to go about making this vid, I added or tried to add the appropriate scenes that matched well with the lyrics, added some flashes and some colorful piano keys. For my third video on Vegas MS 4 I was really pleased on the outcome and enjoyed making it, except for the file size. That’s right Tarant & Bum I still use Vegas >=D as well as Premiere. After exporting as mpeg-1 format I imported to VDubMod, cropped necessary bits then compressed it to Xvid.

    The hardest and most annoying part of this vid was at the end when I was compressing the vid to Xvid, DivX compatible, or atleast I hope its DivX compatible =S. Whilst compressing the vid to Xvid I used the Deen and mftoon filters for the first time and I reckon it really made the vid look better in some parts of my amv. Annoyed through the whole process of compression and wasted many hrs and well…in the end the vid did look a lot better, but the thing that pissed me off a lot was the file size. I had quite a big problem so I just had to go with the first pass when I should have obviously done the second pass on Xvid.

    My sincere apologies to everyone who has a slow internet connection, sorry =(

    Please leave feedback as I would really want to know what you thought about my first romance vid.

    Thank you and enjoy! ^_~

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