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  • Member: MorningBelles
  • Title: A Present from Full Moon
  • Premiered: 2005-12-15
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    • Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas
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  • Comments: My final AMV for the year 2005. I bring you...A Present from Full Moon.

    Idea: I had an idea last month to do a Christmas amv. At first, I wanted to do a various Christmas, but I decided to do just one series. That series: Full Moon wo Sagashite. I know a lot of people said that episodes 2-39 (or somewhere along those lines) are filler episodes, but one of the filler episodes is a Christmas one.

    Episode 37: A Present from Full Moon

    BTW, that's where the amv gets its title from.

    Footage: Footage was taken not only from episode 37, but also a part of 51 and 52 (there's a little spoilers), and a little bit of 26 (that will explain the music box at the beginning), as well as the Eternal Snow concert in 36. explain the concept a little further:

    I wanted to have Full Moon do a concert, singing "All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey, and "describing" Meroko's love for Takuto, as well as Mitsuki's love for Eichi (which, unfornutely, lasts a few seconds). Then again, this is Full Moon's "tribute" to Meroko and Takuto.

    Lip Sync:Very little. I didn't try to strain so much on it. Full Moon sang a little to the actual song, as well as Meroko (sort of). I know that I'm off at some points, but I didn't want it to be "perfect" lip sync, either.

    Digital Effects: Some simple overlays were used. Also, when Full Moon was singing "" toward the end, you'll notice that there's a blue magic spark going across the screen at her head. I put that there because LiveType didn't have snowflakes.

    All in all, this is my Christmas amv. For my New Year's amv, check out Mermaid Mermaid Revolution. Closing the year with shoujo amvs.

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