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  • Title: One Day More
  • Premiered: 2001-07-06
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    • Claude-Michel Schönberg One Day More - Les Misérables
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  • Comments: This was the most challenging project I have taken on to date. I wanted to do something completely different from the norm. I feel I have succeded. In order to understand my vision, you will need to know a bit of my AMV watching background:

    The very first Anime Music Video I saw was Brad Kelly's "Right Now" using scenes from the Macross movie (Ai - oboetei masu ka) and Macross Flashback 2012. Considering it was all done LD to Reel it was impressive and probably defined the action music video for the next several years. It was this video which sparked my desire to begin creating music videos.

    Since then I have seen a small number of Macross videos, all of them action, and all of them using footage from the Macross movie and some form of rock music.

    I asked myself, why? 1) Why haven't that many people used the TV series? 2) Why is it always action, when the show is a love story?

    I didn't have an answer to these questions until I decided I was going to make a Macross TV video.


    1) As I can figure the TV series has a bad rap because of Robotech. Reba West's destruction of Lynn Minmei's musical career leaves a really bad taste in people's mouths. The TV series also has some consistency errors too. There were tons of bloopers I saw: mysterious transparent objects, objects floating above tables, stationary objects that randomly teleport to new locations, clothing inconsistencies, etc... Also there was not a consistent quality to the show. In some parts the animation is incredible and in others it looks like GI JOE. The TV series has lots of space fights, but most are collections of re-used footage on different backgrounds. With all this against it, I began to see why there is such a shortage of vids... it's difficult to make one that will look good and be well accepted.

    2) I couldn't figure this one out until I noticed that the majority of the scenes dealing with the romance aspect of the series were drawn by the C team (lowest quality team) of animators.

    The other challenge I wanted to take on was to use a song from a seldom used source that may not be popular among the typical anime music video audience. This was not so difficult to find as luck would have it.

    At AX 2000 I bought the Macross TV Series 15th anniversary LD box set. After watching it with my friends we began to discuss the many similarities between Macross and Les Miserables. Little did I know then that it would present me with a great opportunity.

    I will not say anything more about the video concept, you'll just have to see it. If you've seen Les Miserables AND Macross (or Robotech) this video will have a very deep significance. I'll let you map out it's intricate details yourself. I've brought two of my test audience members to tears with this video, and I hope it will impact others just as deeply.

    On the technical side I must say this, many of the scenes are hand crafted and do not exist in the actual anime as you see them in the video. The amazing part: you can't tell!

    Equiment used: PIII 500, 256M Ram, Miro DC-30pro, Adobe Premiere 5.1c.

    This video premiered at AX2001. It was met with a standing ovation from the 3000 attendees and the loudest applause of the night. There was nothing more thrilling than that for me.

    So, if you are down for a cultural shock, download it. And before I forget (or better you forget) please remember to comment on the video.



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