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  • Title: Dedication
  • Premiered: 2005-12-13
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    • W-inds Dedicated To You
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    I had a horrible time editing this video in aftereffects. The sound didn't come out right, so I had to export, import somewhere else, export again, then import somewhere else again, and then export.

    This is a belated birthday present to my very good friend Chewy. ^^ I was 6 months aoverdue with this, but it's finally done!

    This video focuses on Mitsuki/Full Moon's and Takuto's relationship. it also shows the friendship between Takuto and Meroko and Mitsuki a bit.

    The song is Dedicated to You by W-inds. It's quite a sad song. Here, I'll put up the translation for you.

    :Dedicated to You:

    garasu no mizuumi sora wo utsusu
    The sky is reflected on the glass lake

    ranhanshashiteru hikari no purizumu
    The light prism is difusing

    kimi no sodatta kono basho made boku ha kitayo
    I came so far to this place where you grew up

    kimi no ruutsu tadori
    your origin


    sundeta hitomi ha sunderu kono sora no sei
    My cleared eyes shine brightly because of the clear sky


    tomo ni ikita ne mijikakutemo futari
    We lived together, didn't we, even though it was short..

    kimi wo sou zutto wasurenai yo
    I won't ever forget you forever

    ten to chi ni sotto hanasaretemo
    even if I am softly seperated from the sky and the earth

    negai ga hitotsu kanau no naraba
    If I can only have one wish to come true

    mou ichido... kimi ni aitai
    I want to see you once again

    namida sae dezu ni samayotteta
    I've been wandering without even my tears coming out

    doushiyou mo nai koto wo shittayo
    I knew that there is nothing I could do about this

    kimi ha saigo ni [mata aeru] to warai boku ha
    You smiled at me and said "We can meet each other again" on your last breath,

    kamisama wo nikunda
    At that moment I condemned God

    tou... mayotta toki ha
    I wonder, when you were lost

    kimi nara dou ii doushitaka
    how and what would you do

    tooi basho he
    to a far away place

    omoi wo kaze no you ni utau
    singing the memories like the wind

    [suki da] tte motto iitakatta
    I wanted to say 'I love you' for more

    sukoshi ya ni naru koto mo dekizu
    I won't get sick of doing it even a little bit

    kimi ga shiranai asu wo korekara boku ha
    From now on, the future that you won't know

    dou ikireba ii
    How should I live it?

    dare no tame sae wataru BLUE SKY
    for whom does the blue sky go clear

    futari de miagetane hikouki kumo
    We both looked up and see the airplane's smoke vaporated

    yakusoku ha mou hatasenai kedo
    Though the promises can't be kept anymore

    boku no yume semete kanaetai
    I want to at least fulfill my dreams

    kimi wo sou zutto wasurenai yo
    I won't ever forget you

    ten to chi ni sotto hanasaretemo
    even if I am softly seperated from the sky and the earth

    gen jitsu ha sou toki ni zankoku de
    The reality is cruel sometimes

    mou nido to... kimi ni aenai
    I can't see you ever again..

    kimi no tame saewataru BLUE SKY
    The blue sky that becomes clear for you

    futari de mitsuketa ne ichiban boshi
    We found the first star together, didn't we?

    yakusoku ha mou kawasenai kedo
    Though we can't make promises anymore

    kimi no yume semete kanaetai
    but at least, I want to make your dreams come true


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