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  • Member: Waldo
  • Studio: Waldo's Magic Inc.
  • Title: Come Sail Away Tylor...
  • Premiered: 1999-07-05
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  • Song:
    • Eric Cartman Come Sail Away
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  • Comments: Note: The video is back up and available for download.

    This was my first anime music video and was made during finals week. As such all the hardware and software I used was borrowed. For hardware I used a BT-848 based Turbo TV video capture card for input and a Canopus Pure 3D II video card for output. The footage was primarily 2nd gen subbed tapes captured using the Turbo TV, but for some of the scenes I wanted, I needed without subtitles. For those I was able to find someone online with the LDs who was nice enough to capture them using a Dazzle DVC.

    Things to watch for:
    0:00 - 0:10 This pan accross the crew was taken from a pull out poster in Animerica. I scanned it in then used Premiere to scroll across.
    4:24 - 4:30 There was an explosion I wanted to use but there were some subtitles covering up the bottom. In order to get rid of text, I want into Photoshop and manually erased them then remerged the footage.

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