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  • Profile: Yeah, I'm the guy to blame for "A Total Waste of 6 minutes and 35 seconds." The video came out in 2002 and yet to this day I still get people praising it (like, seriously?). I've more or less gone on hiatus from the scene to pursue a Radio/Television/Film degree, though I still remain active in the scene as an AMV judge at conventions (You guys who submit AMVs using footage with divx logos or subtitles, you make my eyes hurt and my ears screech with agony).

    Anyway, I have videos other than ATW6:35 that I have yet to post. I haven't done so because they were made back in the VHS days using an MJPEG capture card, and though they looked great at the time (yay Pinnacle MJPEG), they don't hold up to today's technology. I might crank out remastered versions at some point.

    Now that I've finished my degree, I may come out of retirement, work and time permitting. I've got a mess of concepts that have had plenty of time to percolate... :P

    Wish me luck on my Hollywood ambitions!

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Through Time, Through Space
I Will Die For You
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