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    I am Mr. D. I just turned 22 years old. Some people think I look like Obama (even though I think I don't look like him). I got a big imagination when it comes to bringing up endless ideas about something especially AMVs.

    My older brother and I collect anime. We tend to mess around a lot like calling each others names and challenging each other everytime one of us gets home. Well, not everytime.

    I attend community college to graduate and transfer to a university with emphasis on digital arts. I've been creating artwork and developing new techniques and skills through my education. I'm taking this step to become a Game Designer. Of course, I'll teach myself from time to time that way I can create things that will make gaming companies say "Wow!" That won't be until I develop a nice portfolio.

    I've been watching AMV's for quite a while. It's the creativity in these videos that dragged me onto this website. Now, that I'm here, I can join others in conversations about anime, video editing, and other stuff about AMVs. It's fun to talk to others that have almost the same interests as me. As long as we can get along, there isn't much of a problem.

    As a single going to college, I'm particularly shy when it comes to girls. Someday, I'll ask somebody out, but in the meantime, I'll go with my enjoyments until my college attendance settles down because I have a long way to go until. (Whoops! I've said too much!)

    Well, this is where I say, "Time to get busy with them AMV's!!!"

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