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  • Profile: HI! Welcome to Happy Pocky!!I made it so dont take it stupid... So here's the thing I am 14 and a artist my art is sooo cool and well advanced for my age... well that's what my art teacher says O_O but I WILL RULE THE WORLD WITH MY ANIMATION AND BECOME THE GREATIST ANIMATOR!!well ish... My AMV's? yeah... see... I have been experenced for 3 years now. Well why is I never posted any is this I never finish them half the time T_T It's that Damn Windows Media Maker! I want adobe premire! soooo yeah thats cost take a chunk out of my money if I got it O_O well any way more about AMV's There will be no slow moving AMV's here! Noo siry bob! mostly good fast music but not to fast Nice action and comedy ^_^ ! and some romance somtimes yaoi but mostly boy and girl ^_^ so romantic ^_^ !!! Well I hope you enjoy them now and in the Future. I got a date with animation! BAI BAI!
    If any comments on me or my AMV's please contact me.
    Or if you want to join -_Happy Pocky_- Also please contact me.
    I would love to have you on my team ^_^!

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  • Audio8.88
  • Action Sync7.47
  • Lip Sync8.09
  • Special Effects7.40
  • Effort7.12
  • Re-view-ability6.88
  • Overall7.59


Night Walker
Grappler Baki (TV)
Grappler Baki The Movie

My Videos (2)

  • Lunar Heros (2004-03-19)
    [hits: 1688][opinions: 5]
    • Nickleback Hero
    • Lunar - Silver Star Story
    • Action
    • Drama
    • Other
    • Romance
  • Anti-Anzu Mazaki (2004-03-06)
    [hits: 4341][opinions: 12]
    • Eminem Super Man
    • Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • Comedy
    • Other