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    Born in 1986, I've been an otaku for only about three years. I've only been to two cons so far, being Shoujocon2K1 and Otakon2K1. I'm definately going to next year's Otakon and Shoujocon. I have been known to do some work with NoN.D.E Films. I did voice acting for the parody "This is Otakudom"

    It was about two and a half years ago when I first found out about AMV's. The first video I remember seeing is Scott A Melzer's "Lain's Dream" video done to Silent Lucidity by Queensryche in the comic book/anime rental shop he owns. It was then that I knew that my life as an otaku would change.

    I decided to save up for a computer to make a music video for Otakon 2K1. For me, this took more time than I'd hoped. Infact, I didn't start capturing until beginning to mid June. I used a PC with Ulead 4.0 with an ATI All in Wonder 128 capture card. (Madness!) I only had about two weeks to make the entire video before the due date. This may seem like a lot of time to more experience video makers like Brad DeMoss, but for me it wasn't.

    On the morning it was due, I was still working on it. I was really worried because the post office closed at noon! Thankfully I did manage to send it in at about 11:45-11:50 that morning.

    Throughout the summer before I went to Otakon I felt I needed to fix it up a little bit. I did a lot of re-editing, replacing clips, etc. and it turned out better than what I sent in to Otakon. When the time came to go to Otakon, I was really nervous about two things: Actually being able to watch it at the con, and the crowd's response. I was nervous about actually being able to watch it because it was being shown at the same time our fan parody, "This is Otakudom" was shown. I figured since my video was comedy, I might get a chance to see my video directly after the parody, since the comedy videos are at the end. The parody was shown at about 11:45PM on Saturday. After it was over about an hour later I got up from my chair, jumped over several other chairs, manuvered around the other people, ran upstairs, tried to remember what video room it was in, asked the con staff, ran half way across the convention center and into Video room 3. By the time I got there the room was packed and the comedy videos had just started. Thanks to all that running and the fact that I was so nervous, I was soaked from sweat by the time it was finished showing. Thankfully the crowd gave it many cheers.

    I made my first video mainly for practice. I want to gain more experience with this art form that I love so much.

    Currently I have a DC10+ and Adobe Premiere 6.0. So far I have only created one video using these two. Another video is in progress and should be done sometime this summer.

    My second video (3x3 Eyes-When Worlds Collide) has been sent and recieved by Otakon. I only hope that it will get into the contest. I don't think it will, since there will be SO many entries. Plus the fact that I sent in a bad quality VHS tape and no disk.

    If anyone would like me to review their vids I'd be happy to. I'm not the kind of guy who only writes a few words, and I'm honest. If a video has a lot of bad points then I will say so. I can also give tips on how to improve on it. I may be inexperienced at making vids but I've seen a lot of them and know what makes a good vid.

    One quick lesson before I finish: Water + Heat = STEAM. The world can be saved by STEAM!!!!

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