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    Let's see...a little about myself huh? Well, for starters, I am a graphic designer by nature and an AMV artist by heart. So, nowadays, I think I'm going to try and combine the two by learning how to use graphic elements in my videos with some added practice. I started making my own amateur AMV's some years ago, possibly around the age of maybe of....hmm, give or take around my middle school years. It's been a long time since then. During those times, I wasn't really making videos the "correct" way, I was using downloaded clips and bits off the internet until a few years prior to that I started to learn how to burn my own footage using my own DVD's. Man, that helped A LOT.

    As far as AMV genre's, well I do try a little bit of everything, but it seems lately I'm more proficient in drama or romance. I also tend to use a variety of aliases lately and I really should narrow it down to JUST one, but so far it's been Azriel, Azzy, Azzy-chan, or sometimes just Heather. I think I'll just pick one thing and stick with it for now and maybe just use my user name, who knows yet.

    On another note, I've decided to stop entering into contests for a year and just...try to focus on improving my editing skills and trying to learn some new stuff! So, if anyone has any tips for me or places that I could lean towards for more knowledge and inspiration, by all means please drop me a line! I've gotten so competitive lately with AMV's that I've begun to miss the bigger picture and instead of doing them for fun and for myself, I've been so stuck on just making them to please the greater audience, So, I'm taking a year off from competitive challenges to get back to my roots, improve, and create works of art not only enjoyable by other people, but by myself as well!

    That's all for now~.

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