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  • Profile: Hello there, I am Spanish John (Yay for outdated usernames).

    I like to make and watch AMVs. (Of course, why else would I be here? Oo) Although, if you've noticed, none of my vids have a link. That's because my stupid dialup refuses to upload a damn thing.

    Most of the vids I download I'll give an opinion for, unless (a) I don't think it's good or bad enough to bother, (b) I'm lazy, or (c) I downloaded the vid at my friend's house and my horrible memory requires me to have the vid literally right in front of my face as I'm typing (you know how when you minimize Windows Media Player it lets you switch it to a special toolbar thingy and there's a button you press to have a little window at the bottom of the screen? I do that).

    If, in the event that I get a faster internet like my mom said we might, I upload a vid or two, anyone wondering may use clips in their own AMVs. I do it myself, saying that anyone else couldn't would make me even more of a hypocrite than I already am. I would like you to give me credit SOMEWHERE IN THE VID. Like at the end or something. YAYenoughwiththingsthatwillneverhappen.

    Trill_ou is one of the best AMV-makers out there. I swear to god, go to his/her profile, download a couple vids, and watch them. Even if you don't know the anime, WATCH. I'll give you a cookie. =D

    Enough crap. I are lazy.

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Outlaw Star
Destiny of the Shrine Maiden (TV)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (TV)
When Cicadas Cry - Solutions (TV)
Yume Tsukai (TV)
Wild Arms - Twilight Venom (TV)
Best Student Council (TV)
Rurouni Kenshin (TV)
Busou Renkin (TV)
Elfen Lied

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