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  • Profile: Hello whoever is reading this

    OOOOH just went to see the Ella Enchanted movie. I just loved the book so i had to see the movie. it was good..........but it didn't follow the original story plot AT ALL!!!! it's still a good movie though.
    Sheesh its been a long time since i updated so i decided to.
    Well for those of you who desire to know more about me my real name is Jessie Bell, I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I've been in love with anime for almost a year and 1/2 now, and well....WOW....there's still so many out there that i haven't seen. Well my favorite animators are Rumiko Takahashi, and Miyusaki (i hope i spelt that right)

    My favorite hobbies are:
    ~watching AMV's
    ~watching Inuyasha (that's the only anime i have access to and even then its on at like midnight

    My favorite sports are:
    ~Wado Kai ( a form of martial arts)
    ~rock climbing

    ~My favorite animals are penguins and panda's

    ~My favorite type of food is anything oriental, so Chinese, Japanese, Vietnemese, as well as

    ~My hollywood dreamboat is ORLANDO BLOOM (he's Soooooo incredibly hot) and sadely i love
    Inuyasha and Miroku is it possible to have your heart broken three ways!!! I've only ever heard of two

    ~My favorite movies are Pirates of the Carribean, Big Fish, the 10th kingdom

    ~Hhhhm oh and my favorite colours are pink, green (pale) and yellow (pale)

    ~My favorite anime's are below...
    Current Projects:
    ~Strange Magic - Inuyasha AMV - from the Ella Encganted movie
    ~For Longer than Forever - Inuyasha AMV -From the movie The Swan Princess
    ~Look Through My Eyes - Cardcaptor Sakura AMV - From the movie Brother Bear
    Thats about all the favorites i can think of at the at least now you know some stuff about me. I also play the piano and have a boxer named Clancy, (AKA: my pumkin/ cupcake/ sugurplum)Well that's all for now tata and if you feel like e-mailing me to talk about anime - or anything for that matter I'm really borred - please e-mail me at
    Well love all ya AMV makers out there tons!!!!

    By For Now

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