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  • Profile: What's up, people? Well, my nickname is Kodack and so I decided to label all my videos with Kodack Productions. Ha. Anyway, been making vids for a good number of years now. And doing it with WMMaker, which seems to igg quite a few people around here>.>
    I agree WMMaker is limited, but it is not so much as limited as the person using it. You can force the program to do some perty advanced stuff if you know how. And, yea, I know how. My main problem is, I get a little too lazy when making a video, and I say the hell with it, and rush it done. I usually start off strong, sag a little in the middle, and then finish strong again at the end. Gonna try to correct that in the future though. Gonna run hard all the way till the end. Well, here's hoping you enjoy my videos, and that you will see my vision. And that is to make videos in an untraditional fashion. But, everyone doesn't see that because they want more transitions and heavy editing. Well, you know... sometimes less is more. Anyway, just a little rant, I'll shut up now. Lol. Keep being talented out there, people!
    And, yes, that's me looking like the kountry-samurai up there. Lol.

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Legend of Zelda(Trigun Style)

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