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  • Profile: My first AMV's were using Final Fantasy 7 footage, and a program so basic, all I could do was plug in scenes and edit them with cuts. And that's all. No fades, no speed changes... nothing fancy.

    My next set of AMV's were done with Ulead Media Studio using Final Fantasy 8 footage... Again, no speed changes but only because I never thought of them. However, I did make one "transition video" just to get the urge to use as many transitions as possible out of my system early. Even tho the transitions work quite well with the video. :P

    Now I'm using Adobe Premiere 6 LE that came with my computer and am LOVING this program. I'm totally thinking about getting a full version just to see what I am missing.

    My first contest was also a first contest for the Anime Convention it was at. Animethon 10.
    I then volunteered my services to create a special opening AMV for Animethon 10 to celebrate their anniversary. This vid is currently available in my list of AMV's.

    More ideas are floating around in my head, and I do plan to make remakes of a few of the better Final Fantasy AMV's I made oh so long ago... As well as add some FF9 to the mix.

    Now if there was only a way to get the vids off the FFX DVD... :P

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