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  • Profile: My Friends on the ORG In no specific order:

    JubJub2 (hero x5)
    jade_eyed_angel (sexy, smecksy and all that but I think she's forgotten about me :( )
    Jaddziadax (coolness in physical form and a great AMV editor)
    Scoob (just cause he's a guy and hasn't had a sex change yet!!! )
    Radical_Yue (although she may not agree... and her mom on Skype can be scary but nice)
    DevineQueenYeiweh ( fangirl ;-) but where did she go? )
    Kikai-Saigono (because my video is like #2 on her list and I still lover her dearly to this day!!! )
    OMFG!!! How could I forget the guy that did my profile pic!!! Oh man!

    SenshiMamoru (who nows goes by Mamo! Sheesh, who knew. I like his original name better ;) ) *he's in there too, apologies to Josh for having forgotten to put that in and I owe him 7 ops!*

    About me:

    Well, I'm a newcomer at this. As of this year (2006) I'm 36 and feel like a very visible minority on the ORG. I work doing phone analyst support for digital color printing (ok I can probably tell you why your majenta is printing out purple but don't ask me, adding colors together with me will always come out grey) for about 6 years now. Most of the time the problems are with print drivers, network issues and silly users. You hardly ever get any calls on color itself anymore, the apps are so good now that we have to trust the printer will do it.

    I live in a nice country suburb (if you can call that) of a 5000 person town in eastern Canada, married, 2 kids (Anna and Maeve *say it 10 times fast*). Fun kids with a love of anime.

    I started to make my first AMV back in July 2005 with downloaded footage of Ah! My Goddess (TV) Season 1. I used WMM and had quite a bit of fun doing it. One of my co-workers ridiculed me to using it but at the time I thought it was all I needed to do this.

    *I will continue later

    How I got here
    Well, what I did was search for AMVs using Limewire and found pretty much crappy stuff so I thought my vid was Da Bomb and I was going to Con it. Well, I eventually found this site and quickly scratched that idea. That was a huge blow to my confidence in creating AMVs.

    Ode to the dead mouse in my house:

    From DevineQueenYeiweh:
    To my favorite rat murderer, a poem for the mouse.

    It's a gothic poem so brace yourself:

    The mouse felt the chill of death on it's neck
    And realized it only had a moment more to live
    The darkness of death surrounded the poor creature
    And kissed the life out of him

    The cat saw this opportunity for a lunch
    But felt the presense of darkness near the mouse
    The cat shuddered, but the feeling of hunger was stronger
    Bloodlust filled the cat's eyes as it bit into a newly dead flesh
    Blood dripping from the prolonged fangs

    Ravenous, the cat was vampiric
    All it wanted was the taste of blood upon his lips
    Cry did the soul of the mouse
    To see it's body mangled in the cats mouth
    The soul of the mouse cried out in despair
    And was forever more consumed by the darkness of death

    From JubJub2:
    Ode to a Mouse

    There once was a mouse
    Who roamed outside the house
    Avoiding the cats at play
    It once walked inside
    Looking to hide
    And was killed, I'm sorry to say.

    Behold what a sight
    To come across at night
    Poor mousie split neatly in two.
    Half of it there
    Half was nowhere
    But the cat had something to chew.

    Yeah, not too poetic, but all I could do.

    I now give *cookies* to JubJub and DQY!

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