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  • Profile: Hello all and welcome to my profile!
    I am not completely new to, I had a previous account but they would not let me delete it so I made a new one that comes with the new me and my new work. I have finally made all my hard work and efforts pay off by getting a new computer and many programs to better my AMV making!
    I am a full time college student here in Colorado where I get plenty of hands on experience being a biology major. I have had many thoughts into going into graphic arts but thus far, amv making is just my really expensive hobby. I am really quite busy with three jobs and school to boot but I still have time somehow for my amv's, though the summer is usually when I am at best with it.
    I am the President of an anime club at my college. is the web site to is and of course it is called AniMesa. I keep my members entertained with many of my own vids but also many from this web site that I have enjoyed or that preview upcoming shows we intend to show for the year. We are currently fund raising as much as possible to get us all to Nan Desu Kan in Denver, CO and I am hoping to have a vid that is not yet uploaded to this site to show and compete with there! Let just hope I find the time to make it and finish it before next October.
    My programs I have used thus far are Windows Movie Maker 2.0, Nero, and now I have finally got Adobe Premiere 6.5 and so if I ever figure it out, then my newest vids will be done in better style using it of course!
    Till I decide to add more please let me know what you think of past vids I have done and I will get back to any comments that I can as soon as I can, all are appreciated. I will be adding more vids that are more resent as soon as I can. Arigato~~

    Update 6-14-06

    I have finally got Adobe Premiere down!!! So to make a long story short we had a heart to heart talk and now I making vids left and right. However I learned the price you pay for good quality and kick ass effects is VERY time consuming editing. I am in the works on releasing my wolf's rain vid as the first video from adobe premiere. I really think that I have shown a GREAT improvement in my quality and style with this more advanced program. So keep your eyes open for the remakes of these videos as well as the release of my newest ideas yet. For now I just would like to thank the people who made this all possible:

    Chisum (Thanks for the program, couldn't have done this without it)

    Kisanzi (Thanks for the material and the jolt in the right direction. You've inspired me to be better than you one day if that's even possible. *winks*)

    AniMeSa (Without your support and comments I would never have the will to make it this far.)

    VicBond007 (Without your lovely guide I would be lost forever)

    And anyone else, you have already heard my personal praise and thanks.

    For those interested I now use:
    Adobe Premiere 6.5
    Virtual Dub
    Huffyvu 2.11

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Wolf's Rain
Inu Yasha: TV Special
Fruits Basket
Princess Mononoke
Vision of Escaflowne, The
Soul Hunter (Houshin Engi)
Ceres, Celestial Legend (Ayashi no Ceres)
Slayers (TV)

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