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  • Profile: I live in Riveside CA. There’s not much to do here but I still love it. Im 17 and im now a senior at Arlinton H.S. The people there make every school day bearable. I work as an usher at a movie theater. Which means that yeah I’m the bitch that scoops up all ur popcorn when u leave…lol…..I love working there though, its kick back and in my dept. u can dick around a lot. Its great. When I’m not working Im masturbating. Lol. Jk . I’m usually either locked up in my room writing poetry and drawing/doodling or reading. It’s not always where I want to be, but some nights it’s the only comforting thing I have. My parents suck at letting me do things, so that’s why I spend so many Friday nights writing …lol…its sad. Im not at all your party girl. I don’t find it amusing to get drunk or high at a random party then be groped by other drunken bastards. I have no desire for it either. Im quite shy at first, then later on I warm up and start with the dick jokes. If there’s one necessity I need, its music. Theres nuthin more fulfilling than lying on my bed listening to some fuckin music. It’s the one thing that can never fail me. During those times where everyone just seems to piss you off and you have no one cuz everyone is your enemy, there’s no one I want around to yell at me but Jonathan Davis or Rob Halford during “Falling Away from Me” or “Victim of Changes”. It really pisses me off when I’m all into a song and then someone changes it or turns it…its my biggest vice. I listen to everything except country. I hate that twangy shit, it just doesn’t hold my attention like something that Jimmy Page could offer. When it comes to people close to me, there aren’t many that gain my honesty. 2 people I will always love and respect are my mom and my boyfriend Andrew. My mom is the most amazing woman, I love her to death yet I take out all my anger on her and she doesn’t deserve that. There’s no way I can show her how remorseful I am, or how grateful I am. And my boyfriend, he’s just fuckin amazing, there’s no other way to put it. Each day that I see him I find something new to appreciate about him. We’ve been through a lot the 3 years that we’ve been together. That boy has my heart; I love that crazy bastard to no end. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. Some other facts about me: Im short! 5 feet flat to be exact. I’m Mexican but a lot of people think I’m mixed with sum type of Asian ethnicity…lol…I’ve been called Hawaiian, Asian, Chinese, Persian…lol…many more but Im only Mexican, nuthin else. I love pin-up girls. Im not lesbian or bi but I just have a strong appreciation for a girls body…lol…I mean, damn, who can resist? Im kinda athletic, but lazy at the same time. I have the biggest weakness for food. And I always have to have chapstick with…I hate smoking. It’s a big turnoff if a guy smokes or is into drugs. I hate narcissism and I hate high maintenance girls. I don’t think there is any reason on earth why you should buy a $400 or $600 dollar purse unless it wipes ur ass for you. I hate all those little ugly ass designer purses cuz they’re not even cute and everyone fuckin has them! If you’re gonna get sumthin, get sumthin that no one has. I understand that having nice things can boost your confidence, but fuck…that’s too much money…I dunno…maybe its cuz im cheap or sumthin…well that’s all I got. this is ME... search 7000 music videos at singingfool.comartisttitle

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