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  • Profile: Nothing much to say here...I'm 22 years old(at the time I typed this), Female, I'm a hobbyist, and yes, I do game. I have been video editing as a hobby since I was 13. I also took up graphics about 3 years ago as a hobby. Gaming since 6 years old. And yes, I work, I have a life.

    I used to write fan-fiction but after a hell of a lot of rejections for archiving, I somehow discovered WMM out of boredom, and with my web cam I recorded myself or my cousin so I would have footage to work with. Then I had some old midis on my pc and edited against that. Even though it was pretty crappy, I knew I had magic something going there, but I had no idea exactly what the hell I was doing. It picked up from there.

    One day I got bored of working with myself, and searched the web for some footage to work with, I stumbled upon some decent quality FF X fmvs (at the time, I didn't even know what FF X was). Then I began my first GMV. Which then progressed from one to 6...a year later I found a website that was looking for music videos to post up, it was the old Final Fantasy Hybrid. Surprisingly, they accepted my submission and it went from there. I met a lot of great critics and made many friends, most of which are also editors. One by the name of Raistlin, who is from Nkode, Legaecy, and then Epical Studios. He helped me improve greatly, but I knew I could do better. Eventually I joined the Epical Studios forums, and realized that what I'm doing is part of a much bigger fan base. I was then blown away by Liz's "It's not enough" FFX and X-2 video and since then figured out this is what I want to do. I started talking to many of the great editors at Epical and they taught me ways to improve and make better videos, also giving me great constructive criticism. Wanting more criticisms and seeking a much bigger group of editors I joined It then became my goal to join some of those great editors at Epical Studios, and after a years worth of heck and learning how to use various programs, I made my first "good" video which is called "Feline Intuition", that landed me a spot among the staff of Epical Studios. But that wasn't before joining Zeuxis Studios and making my "On with the show" video.

    And here I am, still editing. I thought it would be something I'd grow out of but instead it grew on me.

    Random advice (who am I to give advice anyway) :
    An editors work is never done, never perfect, never amazing, there is always something that you can do to improve. And no matter what, there will ALWAYS be someone better than you, or worse at what you do. It's a fact. What matters most is that you are happy with what you have done.

    Hopefully you enjoy my videos (well some of them)...have a good day and thanks for looking at my profile.

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