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  • Profile: I love anime and raman noodles!!!!!!!!!also manga!!! okay *calmed down* I am sophmore at UMASS BOSTON. I am a geek at heart and proud of that......what else???? oh.........i also play drums and piano. I am in the process of making the best anime music video ever (I hope) but I am still having a few problems. So..........yeah thats about it.OH!!! I also sort of resemble this picture. I am no Sailor Moon but I do have long black hair and I am tall/skinny (metabolism I think) and ....well this picture is what I indetifiy myself with. I love anime and I watched many over the years. I plan on watching more. I also love watching Japanese horror films like the grudge and the ring. Even though it scares me to death I love it. But what I hate is that u can't sleep afterwards. Also I love music. I love anything from Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Pantera, AC/DC, Linkin Park, GACKT, Larc~en~ciel, YUKI, Avenge Sevenfold, The Cure, Queen, The Ramones, Ratz, Twisted Sister, 3 Days Grace, Nirvana, and basically every Heavy metal music out there, and rock, classic rock, and all 90s music. Also classical music like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, etc. I like anything that makes me dance my ass off because i love dancing. So i am a gothic girl at heart. Minus the tatoos and piercing. Needles....ah!! they scare me. *karate kick* thats it.
    wow I just read this and its hard to believe that 2005 was so long ago. Wow...anyways new profile:
    I am still the same minus the long hair and I graduated from college *FINALLY* and that's it. I still love rock and classical music. I still love dancing. I am not a gothic girl nor aspire to be one. I am just myself and that's all I can be.

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